Hans Kumberg [4th Fallschirmjager Regiment]

Interview carried out by James Holland - find him on twitter at @James1940 HANS KUMBERG SERVED WITH THE 4TH FALLSCHIRMJAGER REGIMENT AT CASSINO AND THROUGHOUT MUCH OF THE ITALIAN CAMPAIGN. Can you remember the withdrawal from the Soprano area to the Caesar line? I think you almost did it overnight didn’t you? I remember those places … Continue reading Hans Kumberg [4th Fallschirmjager Regiment]

Joseph ‘Joop’ Klein [1st Parachute (Fallschirmjager) Division]

Joseph 'Joop' Klein [Josef 'Jupp' Klein] interview by James Holland @James1940 on Twitter I was born in Bochum, Wattenscheid and my parents came from the Moselle area. My father worked in a coal mine in the Saar area. He was a manager. Then he went to the Ruhr area to another coal mine and so I … Continue reading Joseph ‘Joop’ Klein [1st Parachute (Fallschirmjager) Division]