Ron Johnson [Glider Pilot Regiment]   I think I should start, Nicola, in April 1944 as newly commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, I arrived at Down Ampney having completed my training, a very short training, which was on Tiger Moth, the Hotspur, which was the medium glider, and the Horsa glider. Now, you know already, but your youngsters may not, but … Continue reading Ron Johnson [Glider Pilot Regiment]

Frederick Robert Stevens [RAF] WarGen interview  This is Kate James for WarGen.  Today is Saturday 20th May 2017 and I shall be speaking with Frederick Robert Stevens in his hometown of Balcombe and we will be discussing Fred’s experiences during the Second World War. During which in 1942 you turned 18 and joined the Royal Air Force and … Continue reading Frederick Robert Stevens [RAF]

Frank Ashleigh [Glider Pilot Regiment] Ok you throw the questions and I'll throw the answers, thats the best way.  First of all I presume you want to introduce so I will shut up until you are ready. Yes, if I can take your name, rank, regiment and number? Name, Frank Ashleigh, Regiment, Glider Pilot Regiment, Regiment Army Number 14417002, … Continue reading Frank Ashleigh [Glider Pilot Regiment]

LAC Harry Webster Appleton II [British RAF]

Interview by Michael Thompson Introduction by interviewer, Michael Thompson Harry Webster Apple II was born in Birkenhead on 22nd July 1925. He was 14 years old when war broke out in 1939. This interview records his memories as a teenager and young adult during the early stages of the war and his time with the … Continue reading LAC Harry Webster Appleton II [British RAF]