With the upload of Frederick Stevens interview it delights me to say that we have now reached the 50 interviews online mark.  50 may not seem like a lot but the work that goes into getting those interviews is quite a task.

Thanks to James Holland and Dan Snow for their submissions but more importantly thankyou to the handful of volunteers who have travelled by car, bus and train at their own expense all over the country to try and get these interviews recorded.  It cannot be understated how important it is to take this chance to capture the WW2 generations stories before they get lost forever.  No greater example can be called upon to display this harsh reality than the fact that of the interviews we have carried out over the past year or so some of the interviewees have already sadly passed on but not before leaving us with their stories.  Important to us all but moreso to the families left behind who now thanks to our endeavour have a lasting record of their loved ones.

The work doesn’t stop at the interview itself, transcribing is one very time consuming job and is a very important aspect of WarGen.  In future researchers are not going to sit through hours of video or audio to see if such and such a place is mentioned, they can simply search the word document in a matter of seconds.  But this all takes time so thanks once again to all the the volunteers out there who have stepped up to the mark and really assisted with this side of things also.

In closing I’d  just like to say this is just the beginning, it’s a time critical project so will not go on forever and as such it is so important we do this work now.  If you are interested in becoming a member of WarGen and assist by doing interviews or transcribing interviews please contact Shane Greer (shane@wargen.org) or if you have a family member who lived or served through the war and would like their story recorded for posterity please get in touch at the same address.

Kindest Regards

Shane Greer

WarGen Coordinator

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